CBD edibles
CBD ediblesAlthough many people believe that the best way to enjoy cannabis is that it needs to be inhaled, the truth is that many edibles that contain cannabidiol or CBD have been infused into different treats or edibles. CBD edibles have exploded ever since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill which allowed industrial hemp to be used commercially.
Today, chocolate edibles and other products infused with CBD have become quite popular.
With more than half the states having legalized medical or recreational marijuana, that means edibles with THC are becoming more common as well.  For those who have never tried CBD or THC infused edibles, what follows is a guide to help you make the best-informed decision about how to get started.
What are CBD Edibles?
These are food products designed to be consumed and digested in the body. To put it another way, they are treats such as brownies, chocolate bars, gummies, and more that have CBD infused into them during the baking process. You eat the edibles just like you would eat a treat and enjoy the CBD effect as it is digested in the body.
Are Edibles as Potent as Inhalation?
No. Because the CBD must pass through the stomach and into the intestines before it is absorbed into the blood stream, the overall effect is slower to arrive and some of the CBD itself is destroyed in the process. However,
Does CBD Get You High?
CBD or cannabidiol should not be confused with THC, the active psychotropic element in marijuana that produces a “high”. While many CBD products will have trace amounts of THC, it is so small that it should not have any effect unless a very large amount are consumed and that is still quite unlikely. However, it is possible that the trace amounts of THC will show up in a drug screening, so you will need to be mindful.
CBD edibles
How are CBD Edibles Made?
They are made pretty much like most treats, although for brownies and chocolate the ingredients containing the substances are found in canna-oil or canna-butter. For CBD, it is usually infused in h emp oil form during the process of making the treats. The oil itself can mix in with the other ingredients without spoiling or ruining the treat.
CBD ediblesHow are CBD Edibles Different than Marijuana Edibles?
The main difference as mentioned before is that CBD in chocolate edibles or any other treat contains little to no THC. This means that you do not get “high”, but rather that you experience a relaxing feeling over your body. The CBD is non-addictive and helps people with a wide variety of conditions such as dealing with anxiety, depression, and the like.
If you have never consumed CBD edibles before, you should start with a small amount and see the results for yourself. While CBD is generally harmless, people can react in different ways to the presence of it in the body. This means that when consuming chocolate edibles with CBD or gummies, brownies, or any other treat you should take it slow at first.