cbd benefits for golfers

cbd for golfersWhat do professionals like Bubba Watson, David Toma, Tom Kite, and Tiger woods have in common? They all play Golf and make use of CBD for golfing. CBD has been known to have therapeutic effects in man and is used as supplements to tackle some illnesses and conditions like; anxiety, insomnia, pains, and aches. CBD is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants in about 113 cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) is gotten mostly from hemp-based cannabis plant extract, not the marijuana extract; which means it does not contain the psychoactive compounds (THC) largely present in marijuana.

CBD and golfers
Since the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) dropped CBD compounds from its list of banned substances in 2018, most golfers have endeared themselves to the use of CBD compounds; mostly because it contains no form of (THC) or any other banned substances. Golfers especially the ‘senior’ ones will continue to explore CBD due to its acclaimed therapeutic effects on their health and game.

The Numerous ways you can take CBD
Another reason that might have fascinated golfers is that there are numerous methods of taking CBD compounds. Some golfers like; Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson prefer to chew on edibles like gummies/chocolates, while Scott McCarron prefers the use of droppers through sublingual absorptions, and much more apply CBD topically over the skin where they feel aches or pains.

cbd benefits for golfersBenefits of CBD for golfers
In all these, the most important reason for golfers’ fascination with CBD compounds is the many benefits that they derive using CBD supplements. From physical to psychological and beyond, it has helped golfers by;

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Before a competition or game, Anxiety plagues most athletes, including professionals, and this can affect the game of the golfer. Also, stress levels affect the mental state and overall state of the athlete. CBD compounds work with the Endocannabinoid receptors (ECS) in the body to improve the player’s mood and ‘fire him up’ for the game.

Relief from Pains and Aches
Although golf is not a game of body-body contacts like basketball or soccer, at the end of the game, some muscles, joints bones in the body can feel very sore and painful. This is why most golfers use CBD topical oils and balms; to help them soothe the pains and aches. Also, CBD usage for golfers helps to keep them in shape before the next game.

cbd for golfersHelping golfers to sleep better
Sleep can improve a sportsman game significantly- from an open research carried out by Stanford University. Many golfers suffer from insomnia and restlessness and usually find sleep elusive. The presence of CBD compounds in a golfer’s body combines with the ECS receptors in the body to calm the nerves and induce sleep.

Helping to improve Focus and Coordination
Golf requires an intense amount of focus and body coordination; you have to be able to ‘see’ the hole and coordinate your body to how long you have to hit to get the hole. CBD compounds serve as brain stimulants and can improve the state of the mind, and make you mentally alert.

Don’t only take my word for it, this is what current World No. 1 and 2019 PGA tour winner; Scott McCarron has to say about how CBD has benefitted him. “hemp oil helps my mind, and my body to recover, that is why I can always be at my best… due to the mental and psychological rigors of the game, to continue performing at the highest level, I have to take CBD”